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"Top Bitch" - A Rant

As a military brat and a high school student, I’ve had a fair share of teachers.

I’ve had mean teachers, I’ve had cool teachers.
I’ve had smart teachers, I’ve had dumb teachers.
I’ve had teachers that support slackers and teachers that won’t explain anything
I’ve even had racist and sexist teachers

But the worst teacher I have ever had, I haven’t even had as a teacher.

WARNING: This article will include lots of ranting

Okay, it’s hard to explain.
Maybe not.

I’m in Drama Club. We put on plays…correction, we’ve put on one play in two years.

The teacher in charge of drama club

Whom I affectionately call Top Bitch

Is totally crazy

I knew her last year.
She was the teacher who had such hard projects, my friend had to miss all of her lunches and miss her after school buses for a week just to finish her work for one quarter and scrape by with a ‘B’.

Why? Because if Top Bitch understood how long it takes to make ceramics and take five honors classes, then she would realize she’s an idiot. She also fails to grade anything that isn’t an ‘A’ and under the false premise of “not wanting to give you a bad grade.”

Last time I checked, a ‘B’ wasn’t a horrible grade. But what would I know? Her Nazi like behavior only led me to get a ‘D’ in Spanish.

So when I first meet Top Bitch this year, it’s during auditions. Being the brave (and rather dumb) person I am, I volunteered to audition first.
Big mistake.

When most people grade auditions, they do it the same way teachers do with projects. The courageous people who don’t understand stages, audiences, and their roles yet still go first get some brownie points. Not her, she graded me and the girl I auditioned with as hard as every single person if not harder.

It’s not a shocker that the people that auditioned last were predominately in the production.

And then, the beacon of an ‘A’ being the only worthwhile grade she is, she takes away our study time. Study hall? Practice. Lunch? Meetings. After School? Practices. And then she was shocked that half of the club was failing their classes.

I’m a Sophomore (I think I mentioned this before). If you know anything about Sophomore year, it’s the year you get your NHS application (If you’ve maintained at least a 3.5 GPA of course).

And if you don’t know what NHS is, crawl out of the hole you’ve been living in. It stands for National Honor Society and the only point of it is that it looks incredible on a college application.

For any NHS applications, you need three recommendations. Two from core class teachers. And one from any other faculty member.

I went to Top Bitch for a recommendation. I thought it made sense. I attended every practice. Except when I was on a court order to visit my father for Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving of course. I filled in for nearly everyone that was absent for their roles. I was the secretary without getting the official title for any future applications. I was always nice to her. Except for one time.

This one time has tarnished my entire existence as a good drama club member.

One day, she was trying to kick this well-to-do kid out of the cafeteria. The kid wasn’t doing anything but waiting for a ride from his dad. So I go to tell her that kicking him out was a bunch of crap.

I manage to get the phrase “But-“ out before she interrupts me.

She begins going on about how rude I am. (Which I wasn’t). How rude the drama club was. And just how rude we all were in general. How we were always interrupting her. It may have been a good speech about interrupting if she hadn’t interrupted me to say it.

I don’t deal with hypocrites.

There are probably times I’m a hypocrite, but I strive not to be because I will not deal with hypocrites.

So I walked off while trying to hold back the question of “Why don’t you give me respect?”

Apparently, that was extremely rude. How dare I try and voice an opinion and not think I would get yelled at for everyone else’s mistakes? This one act made sure I would get no recommendation from her.

To add insult to injury, she makes a habit of hypocrisy.

It would be bad enough, but she’s nice to the people that don’t deserve it.

We had a girl walk out on her large role less than two weeks before performance. A ninth filled her role by learning over a dozen lines and getting a costume in a weekend.

Top Bitch felt it was appropriate to feel bad for the girl who walks out on us two weeks before performance. “We were mean and rude, and let’s forgive her, it wasn’t hard to fill her role with less than two weeks notice. But I still don’t like you for being mean to me once.”
She then heralds the ninth grader who stepped up, it was a well earned compliment in my opinion. And then informs us that the ex-president, who continued to do her duties despite not being president anymore, will get no power in the club anymore. She apparently “left us”. Despite the fact she actually stayed with us the entire time, did presidential duties without being president, did the costume make-up, and played two roles.

It was like basically getting told “let’s feel sad for the girl who walked out on us two weeks before performance but let’s not at all feel bad for the ex-president I tortured into stepping down from her duties and then continued to do all of the work while somebody else got credit for it.

That’s right Top Bitch, you’ve helped me discover what type of teachers I hate the most.


charlotte year five

AN: Teehee, I'm writing this really early. I've barely started Charlotte's Year One. If you found your way here about that story, prepared to be shocked.

Chapter Thirty - Shadows of the Night

"We're running with the shadows of the night, so baby take my hand it'll be alright. Surrender all your dreams to me tonight; they'll come true in the end."
-Pat Benatar

Charlotte was at some bar, dressed in a short little silk green dress. She looked hot and she knew it. She needed a distraction; she was going to find one.

"Another martini, please." Charlotte spoke to the bartender as she casually turned around from the three guys she was talking with. One was a twenty-something year old guy from Denmark whose name was Franklin Johnson, or Johanson. Another was a brunette who looked just about the same age as her mother, his name as John, or James, or Jim, or something with a J. The third was a muscular young boy. He looked about five years older than Charlotte at the most. Perhaps three years older than her in reality.

There was a pull at her arm, it was neither of the three men, it was a boy just a year older than her.

"Warren, how'd you get in?" Charlotte asked, grabbing her martini from the bar and walking off with him.

Warren rolled his eyes. "I should ask you the same question."

"I can be here. No one cares if I'm here. You on the other hand, you're Warren Cooper. You're front page news."

"And so are you." Warren pointed out. "Your mom's in Azkaban, your sister just had a kid at fourteen, and your brother is getting publicly violent. Why add this too? Come on Charlotte, grow up. You're fifteen, not five. You're not twenty five either, you can't drink and pick up guys."

"Why not? You slept with my best friend at a party when you were my date. Why can't I sleep with guys at a bar?" Charlotte said.

Warren looked like he'd been slapped. "So this is it huh? Everytime I call your bluff, you'll just bring that  up?"

Charlotte's face turned desperate and depressed. "Why not?" She spat out. "It's not like you don't deserve it."

"So that's it?"

Charlotte nodded.

"I'm done." Warren said. "You're gonna act like this, I'm done." He walked off.

Charlotte took a swig of her martini. That night she drank too many drinks. And she was sure she kept drinking for days. The next time she would be sober was about a week later.

Charlotte woke up in a start, someone was gagging her mouth. She wanted to scream, but only for a split second as she saw the brown eyes of Amulius Muyskens tell her to be quiet. Charlotte sat up in her bed. "Amulius, what is it this time?" She asked.

"The Dark Lord has made a command of you." Amulius spoke easily, beginning to dig through her closet. He pulled out her white satin dressing gown and threw it at her.

"What desire does the Dark Lord have of me at this time of night?" Charlotte asked, getting out of the bed and throwing the gown over her night ensemble. A black satin nightie with green shorts.

Amulius looked outraged. "You mean you forgot what day it is?"

Charlotte nodded, tying the gown. "I haven't been fully sober in over a week, I have no idea what day it is."

"The seventh." Amulius whispered into her ear, sensually enough for Charlotte to shiver.

"Oh no." Charlotte said simply as she heard a pop. She felt an odd sensation, one she was now used to, as they apparated. They landed in an old house. It looked as though no one had lived there for years by the inches of dust conversing on the mantle. "Where are we?"

"Black, you should know better. No questions." Amulius said. "Now hush." He added, beginning to lead her up a flight of stairs that creaked eerily on one of the first steps. They passed at least a dozen rooms, all with doors slightly creaked open, before Amulius entered one of the doors on the left.

Charlotte shuddered as the atmosphere changed. The eerie house changed into magneticism and fear. The Dark Lord sat in a chair, more of a throne. His posture was akin to a magnificent King's. And as much as Charlotte knew it was dangerous, it didn't matter. Seeing him in that chair, possessing the attention of the room, the occupants, and the walls, Charlotte was all the more attracted to the power. It was hypnotizing, as it always was. "My Lord," Charlotte said, kneeling into a mix of bow and courtsey.

"Welcome Charlotte," Charlotte faintly noticed behind the Dark Lord were two figures covered in large and slightly baggy robes, "Amulius," The Dark Lord acknowleged Amulius faintly. "Leave us." He commanded to Amulius. He disapparated within a second as though relieved to be gone from the Dark Lord's teriffying presecence.

"May I ask why I was brought here?" Charlotte asked, rather boldly, with hardly any manners.

The Dark Lord laughed in a tone of malice. "You are far too like your father with that bold nature of yours." Charlotte paused for a second. No one had ever told her that her father was bold, her mother refered to him as meek.

She carried on with her act. "My father is not me, I would request to know why I am needed on the night of break out. My duty is this morning."

"Indeed it is." The Dark Lord said. He studied her face for a few moments, Charlotte was positive he was giving her a test. She passed, as he only gave off a faint smirk instead of rage. "As the wars continues on, younger generations join our group. Your father made me believe I could trust no follower to begin his life journey before they became an adult. You have proven me wrong." Something inside of Charlotte made her smile, slightly, with joy at the compliment. "And I have decided I will add another young follower."

"So why am I here? You have already chosen me." Charlottte pointed out.

"Correct, and since I trust you so well. I trust that you will make a choice of which one of these boys will be my newest follower and your protogee."

"And who are my choices?" Charlotte asked, glancing at the two boys, hooded beyond recognition she had barely noticed before.

The Dark Lord barely made a sound. "Boys, remove your hoods."

There was pause, and the both boys pulled down their hoods to reveal their true identities.

Charlotte gasped in shock.

Theodore Nott and Isaac Mercer!

Chapter Thirty One - January 7, 4:15

"Tell me it was just a dream, August 7, 4:15; God closed his eyes and the world got mean. ... I know tonight there's an angel up on heaven's highest hill. No one'll ever touch you, baby no one ever will."
-Bon Jovi

More to come later.... ciao
Any understanding of gossip girl the show (or potentially the books) would signifigantly help one understand this better. Regardless, this is a post full of a cast list and a preview.


Serena .::. Sophie Pettigrew [OC]

Blair .::. Bellatrix Black

Dan .::. James Potter

Chuck .::. Rodolphus Lestrange

Nate .::. Lucius Malfoy

Jenny .::. Emily Lawrence [OC]

Eric .::. Peter Pettigrew

Vanessa .::. Mary McDonald

Kati .::. Susan Brown [OC]

Isobel .::. Marianne Maydel [OC]

Penelope .::. Andromeda Black

Elise .::. Katrina Rose [OC]

Nelly .::. Lily Evans

Hazel .::. Fiona McStravick [OC]

Asher .::. Dimitri [OC]

Georgina .::. Victoria Hornsby [OC]

Carter .::. Sirius Black


Gossip Girl here, I know I told you that I wasn't posting this weekend. I know you probably wondering why I'm breaking my word to post a simple spotting, but this is mega news, news worthy enough of me breaking my word.


Spotted, bags in hand headed towards her father's original shop in Hogsmeade, Sophie Pettigrew, everyone's favorite It-Girl. Was it really just six months ago that she left for a quote “boarding school in America”? And just as suddenly, she's back. Don't believe me? Luckily, one of my many sources (Em91) caught a picture. Thanks for the photo Em.


Sophie Pettigrew was walking down into Hogsmeade. She was on her way to her father's shop, the only place where she could find her father or her older brother Pierre without the risk of seeing her mother first. Unlucky for her, she was carrying her large bag and she had already accidentally hit one person with it.


And once again, she accidentally hit someone.


“Oh, I'm so sorry.” Sophie said, both of them had fallen to the ground, and so had her bag. The bag of the person she had hit had also fallen and all of the contents had fallen out. “I mean normally, I always look where I'm going.” She said, noticing a few things fell out of her bag.


“It's no problem really.” The boy said casually, looking up at her, his hazel eyes opening widely. “Oh, It's really just okay.”


“I'm just so sorry. Really, normally I never do anything like this.” Sophie said as she began helping the boy put his things back in his bag.


The boy chuckled a bit. “Well normally you're just carrying a small Gucci or Chanel bag everywhere.” Sophie stared at him for a second before he spoke, reasoning the statement. “I go to Hogwarts, I was in your year before you left.”


“Well I'll have you know that when I left I was using a Prada bag.” Sophie said.


“It wasn't Prada, you had a Prada bag the entire last week of school, but when you left, during that winter break, I saw you with a new Chanel bag that hadn't been released yet.” The boy said.


Sophie laughed a bit. “You know designer labels?”


The boy shook his head. “My sister Emily, she was really into that kind of stuff and didn't stop talking about it.” Just then the boy's cell went off.


Help! Emergency! In Madam M's!



“Uh, I gotta go, my sister needs help.” He said grabbing a hand-full of his possessions and shoved them in his bag. He got up and walked off, towards Madam Malkins.


Sophie grabbed her stuff and put it back in her bag. She got up and walked to her father's shop. She paused as she saw two girls, one with flaming red hair and one with blonde and blue hair walk past her, did something with their phones, and walk off. “Gossip Girl.” She muttered as she walked inside of her father's shop, which was closed for the day.


“Ah, one of the little sources snapped a picture of you?” A familiar voice asked.


“Pierre!” She said, somewhat happy. “Where's mom” She asked, and added: “and or dad, I'm not picky.”


Pierre laughed, “you skip all of the niceties.”


Sophie looked at him. “Come on, you know I need to talk with them.”


Pierre sighed. “Dad is out of town, for business he says. He didn't tell anyone where he was going so I think business is far from his mind. And mom is at the Black's for some party. And me, I'm stuck here doing business-.”


“And Pete?” Sophie asked.


Pierre shrugged his shoulders. “I'm stuck here, and no one will tell me what's going on.”


“Dad left you with more of the business?” Sophie asked, putting her duffel bag down on one of the desks.


Pierre nodded. “Seriously, I mean just because I graduated Hogwarts, dad seems to think that I can work 24/7.”


Sophie turned to Pierre. “Did you ever tell him -or mom- that you want to be, and are being pursued as a Chaser for the Wimbourne Wasps?”


Pierre snorted. “Nah, I thought-.”


“You'd just surprise them?” Sophie guesses and continued once Pierre nodded. “Anyway, I gotta go. Have fun with your semi-suicidal plans.” Both siblings stopped, looked at each other awkwardly before Sophie spoke. “I gotta go.” She said and left. Going to Bella's.


Spotted, S leaving her father's store on the way to a party. But will the host want to see her? More importantly: does she want to see the host? And who was the young boy spotted knocking into her? He looks strangely familiar.

Currently, some of that may change. But that is how I begin the story.

The [Official] Food Nicknames Project

It all started around August or September of 2007. Newly addicted to fanfiction, I began writing my first  fanfiction (which I'm not scared to say sucks). My fanfiction featured a girl who had incredibly red hair. Since I couldn't really have her inherit the red hair through her parents...I had to make it a really odd hair color that she got by accident. Coincidentally, by best friend (Shelby) was obsessed with The Outsiders. The character Cherryl was called Cherry. So I kind of stole the nickname Cherry.

Since then, I have given numerous friends "Food Nicknames". I have four rules:

1. It must have to do with either [1.] Junk Food or [2.] Ice Cream.
2. It must be one word only. [And preferably one or two syllables]
3. It can not be the same nickname as someone else's nickname.
4. You can't take Chocolate as a nickname.

Current "Food  Nicknames":
Kat  [Me] ... Cherry
Shelby ... Sprinkles
Briana ... Cocoa
Maggie ... Vanilla
Sarah ... Mint
Jessamyn ... Icee
Haley ... Licorice

So now I feel like making this an official project. "The Food Nicknames Project".

It's a random project and anyone who wants to claim a name must make sure it abides by the following rules above and comment below. Alongside your food nickname, put your first name and any link I can use to link to you once you are on the list. I have the final right to veto any names however. And no, no amount of begging will allow you to take chocolate.


Hola mi amigos! Me llamo es Senorita Bella Green.

And that's all the Spanish I know. Not really, I know more, but will not bore you with espanol.

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