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The [Official] Food Nicknames Project

It all started around August or September of 2007. Newly addicted to fanfiction, I began writing my first  fanfiction (which I'm not scared to say sucks). My fanfiction featured a girl who had incredibly red hair. Since I couldn't really have her inherit the red hair through her parents...I had to make it a really odd hair color that she got by accident. Coincidentally, by best friend (Shelby) was obsessed with The Outsiders. The character Cherryl was called Cherry. So I kind of stole the nickname Cherry.

Since then, I have given numerous friends "Food Nicknames". I have four rules:

1. It must have to do with either [1.] Junk Food or [2.] Ice Cream.
2. It must be one word only. [And preferably one or two syllables]
3. It can not be the same nickname as someone else's nickname.
4. You can't take Chocolate as a nickname.

Current "Food  Nicknames":
Kat  [Me] ... Cherry
Shelby ... Sprinkles
Briana ... Cocoa
Maggie ... Vanilla
Sarah ... Mint
Jessamyn ... Icee
Haley ... Licorice

So now I feel like making this an official project. "The Food Nicknames Project".

It's a random project and anyone who wants to claim a name must make sure it abides by the following rules above and comment below. Alongside your food nickname, put your first name and any link I can use to link to you once you are on the list. I have the final right to veto any names however. And no, no amount of begging will allow you to take chocolate.


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