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Any understanding of gossip girl the show (or potentially the books) would signifigantly help one understand this better. Regardless, this is a post full of a cast list and a preview.


Serena .::. Sophie Pettigrew [OC]

Blair .::. Bellatrix Black

Dan .::. James Potter

Chuck .::. Rodolphus Lestrange

Nate .::. Lucius Malfoy

Jenny .::. Emily Lawrence [OC]

Eric .::. Peter Pettigrew

Vanessa .::. Mary McDonald

Kati .::. Susan Brown [OC]

Isobel .::. Marianne Maydel [OC]

Penelope .::. Andromeda Black

Elise .::. Katrina Rose [OC]

Nelly .::. Lily Evans

Hazel .::. Fiona McStravick [OC]

Asher .::. Dimitri [OC]

Georgina .::. Victoria Hornsby [OC]

Carter .::. Sirius Black


Gossip Girl here, I know I told you that I wasn't posting this weekend. I know you probably wondering why I'm breaking my word to post a simple spotting, but this is mega news, news worthy enough of me breaking my word.


Spotted, bags in hand headed towards her father's original shop in Hogsmeade, Sophie Pettigrew, everyone's favorite It-Girl. Was it really just six months ago that she left for a quote “boarding school in America”? And just as suddenly, she's back. Don't believe me? Luckily, one of my many sources (Em91) caught a picture. Thanks for the photo Em.


Sophie Pettigrew was walking down into Hogsmeade. She was on her way to her father's shop, the only place where she could find her father or her older brother Pierre without the risk of seeing her mother first. Unlucky for her, she was carrying her large bag and she had already accidentally hit one person with it.


And once again, she accidentally hit someone.


“Oh, I'm so sorry.” Sophie said, both of them had fallen to the ground, and so had her bag. The bag of the person she had hit had also fallen and all of the contents had fallen out. “I mean normally, I always look where I'm going.” She said, noticing a few things fell out of her bag.


“It's no problem really.” The boy said casually, looking up at her, his hazel eyes opening widely. “Oh, It's really just okay.”


“I'm just so sorry. Really, normally I never do anything like this.” Sophie said as she began helping the boy put his things back in his bag.


The boy chuckled a bit. “Well normally you're just carrying a small Gucci or Chanel bag everywhere.” Sophie stared at him for a second before he spoke, reasoning the statement. “I go to Hogwarts, I was in your year before you left.”


“Well I'll have you know that when I left I was using a Prada bag.” Sophie said.


“It wasn't Prada, you had a Prada bag the entire last week of school, but when you left, during that winter break, I saw you with a new Chanel bag that hadn't been released yet.” The boy said.


Sophie laughed a bit. “You know designer labels?”


The boy shook his head. “My sister Emily, she was really into that kind of stuff and didn't stop talking about it.” Just then the boy's cell went off.


Help! Emergency! In Madam M's!



“Uh, I gotta go, my sister needs help.” He said grabbing a hand-full of his possessions and shoved them in his bag. He got up and walked off, towards Madam Malkins.


Sophie grabbed her stuff and put it back in her bag. She got up and walked to her father's shop. She paused as she saw two girls, one with flaming red hair and one with blonde and blue hair walk past her, did something with their phones, and walk off. “Gossip Girl.” She muttered as she walked inside of her father's shop, which was closed for the day.


“Ah, one of the little sources snapped a picture of you?” A familiar voice asked.


“Pierre!” She said, somewhat happy. “Where's mom” She asked, and added: “and or dad, I'm not picky.”


Pierre laughed, “you skip all of the niceties.”


Sophie looked at him. “Come on, you know I need to talk with them.”


Pierre sighed. “Dad is out of town, for business he says. He didn't tell anyone where he was going so I think business is far from his mind. And mom is at the Black's for some party. And me, I'm stuck here doing business-.”


“And Pete?” Sophie asked.


Pierre shrugged his shoulders. “I'm stuck here, and no one will tell me what's going on.”


“Dad left you with more of the business?” Sophie asked, putting her duffel bag down on one of the desks.


Pierre nodded. “Seriously, I mean just because I graduated Hogwarts, dad seems to think that I can work 24/7.”


Sophie turned to Pierre. “Did you ever tell him -or mom- that you want to be, and are being pursued as a Chaser for the Wimbourne Wasps?”


Pierre snorted. “Nah, I thought-.”


“You'd just surprise them?” Sophie guesses and continued once Pierre nodded. “Anyway, I gotta go. Have fun with your semi-suicidal plans.” Both siblings stopped, looked at each other awkwardly before Sophie spoke. “I gotta go.” She said and left. Going to Bella's.


Spotted, S leaving her father's store on the way to a party. But will the host want to see her? More importantly: does she want to see the host? And who was the young boy spotted knocking into her? He looks strangely familiar.

Currently, some of that may change. But that is how I begin the story.


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