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"Top Bitch" - A Rant

As a military brat and a high school student, I’ve had a fair share of teachers.

I’ve had mean teachers, I’ve had cool teachers.
I’ve had smart teachers, I’ve had dumb teachers.
I’ve had teachers that support slackers and teachers that won’t explain anything
I’ve even had racist and sexist teachers

But the worst teacher I have ever had, I haven’t even had as a teacher.

WARNING: This article will include lots of ranting

Okay, it’s hard to explain.
Maybe not.

I’m in Drama Club. We put on plays…correction, we’ve put on one play in two years.

The teacher in charge of drama club

Whom I affectionately call Top Bitch

Is totally crazy

I knew her last year.
She was the teacher who had such hard projects, my friend had to miss all of her lunches and miss her after school buses for a week just to finish her work for one quarter and scrape by with a ‘B’.

Why? Because if Top Bitch understood how long it takes to make ceramics and take five honors classes, then she would realize she’s an idiot. She also fails to grade anything that isn’t an ‘A’ and under the false premise of “not wanting to give you a bad grade.”

Last time I checked, a ‘B’ wasn’t a horrible grade. But what would I know? Her Nazi like behavior only led me to get a ‘D’ in Spanish.

So when I first meet Top Bitch this year, it’s during auditions. Being the brave (and rather dumb) person I am, I volunteered to audition first.
Big mistake.

When most people grade auditions, they do it the same way teachers do with projects. The courageous people who don’t understand stages, audiences, and their roles yet still go first get some brownie points. Not her, she graded me and the girl I auditioned with as hard as every single person if not harder.

It’s not a shocker that the people that auditioned last were predominately in the production.

And then, the beacon of an ‘A’ being the only worthwhile grade she is, she takes away our study time. Study hall? Practice. Lunch? Meetings. After School? Practices. And then she was shocked that half of the club was failing their classes.

I’m a Sophomore (I think I mentioned this before). If you know anything about Sophomore year, it’s the year you get your NHS application (If you’ve maintained at least a 3.5 GPA of course).

And if you don’t know what NHS is, crawl out of the hole you’ve been living in. It stands for National Honor Society and the only point of it is that it looks incredible on a college application.

For any NHS applications, you need three recommendations. Two from core class teachers. And one from any other faculty member.

I went to Top Bitch for a recommendation. I thought it made sense. I attended every practice. Except when I was on a court order to visit my father for Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving of course. I filled in for nearly everyone that was absent for their roles. I was the secretary without getting the official title for any future applications. I was always nice to her. Except for one time.

This one time has tarnished my entire existence as a good drama club member.

One day, she was trying to kick this well-to-do kid out of the cafeteria. The kid wasn’t doing anything but waiting for a ride from his dad. So I go to tell her that kicking him out was a bunch of crap.

I manage to get the phrase “But-“ out before she interrupts me.

She begins going on about how rude I am. (Which I wasn’t). How rude the drama club was. And just how rude we all were in general. How we were always interrupting her. It may have been a good speech about interrupting if she hadn’t interrupted me to say it.

I don’t deal with hypocrites.

There are probably times I’m a hypocrite, but I strive not to be because I will not deal with hypocrites.

So I walked off while trying to hold back the question of “Why don’t you give me respect?”

Apparently, that was extremely rude. How dare I try and voice an opinion and not think I would get yelled at for everyone else’s mistakes? This one act made sure I would get no recommendation from her.

To add insult to injury, she makes a habit of hypocrisy.

It would be bad enough, but she’s nice to the people that don’t deserve it.

We had a girl walk out on her large role less than two weeks before performance. A ninth filled her role by learning over a dozen lines and getting a costume in a weekend.

Top Bitch felt it was appropriate to feel bad for the girl who walks out on us two weeks before performance. “We were mean and rude, and let’s forgive her, it wasn’t hard to fill her role with less than two weeks notice. But I still don’t like you for being mean to me once.”
She then heralds the ninth grader who stepped up, it was a well earned compliment in my opinion. And then informs us that the ex-president, who continued to do her duties despite not being president anymore, will get no power in the club anymore. She apparently “left us”. Despite the fact she actually stayed with us the entire time, did presidential duties without being president, did the costume make-up, and played two roles.

It was like basically getting told “let’s feel sad for the girl who walked out on us two weeks before performance but let’s not at all feel bad for the ex-president I tortured into stepping down from her duties and then continued to do all of the work while somebody else got credit for it.

That’s right Top Bitch, you’ve helped me discover what type of teachers I hate the most.



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